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How do I quote formatting characters? Answered

If I want text in an instructable to include characters that normally cause wiki formating magic to happen, how do I quote them ? For instance, if I want to enclose some text in square brackets:
[my text]
(that was done with "preformatted" text. which changes the font and does a "block" at a time. Not what I want!)
(couldn't find this in other pages about wiki formatting, either.)


Well one way is to use the ASCII codes, which do work in here:

The format of the command is &#the actual code number; so that is ampersands, number sign, code number and semi-colon

Let me put [THIS] in brackets by this method. BTW: the codes for brackets are 91 and 93 respectively.

~ ~ Yes, and the column marked HTML is the format to use. ~ ~