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How do I recover the silver from unexposed B/W photo paper? Answered

I have several hundred unexposed sheets of B/W RC photo paper. I know I need to use a fixer and a cathode/anode set-up. What is a simple, easy-to-obtain or make fixer, and what voltage/amperage combination do I need? As I remove the silver from the fixer, can I reuse the fixer pretty much indefinitely? What do I use as electrodes? All help is appreciated.


Kinda like asking how to recover lead from fine crystal ware. Seems pretty desperate to destroy perfectly useable photgraphic paper for the minute amount of silver that could be recovered from a couple hundred sheets of unexposed material. If you can't think of a creative use for it, donate it to a local highschool's art department. I'm sure an enterprising student would make better use of it.


8 years ago

The results will hardly be worth the effort.  Even if you were able to extract all of the silver from the photographic paper you have, the value of it, likely as not, would not be enough to buy a can of soda from a vending machine.
You need tons of photographic paper to make such a project economically feasible.

.  For no more paper than you have, you will probably spend about as much money putting together the extraction equipment as the Silver is worth (you won't get market value when you go to sell).
.  I like stopmenow's idea of selling the paper to a photographer.

im sure you could sell it to some photo student for more then you would be able to get from the silver. that stuff is spendy 

Where I work we used to have photographic wastes taken away, we'd be charged for this, but get a rebate for the silver content. It was small money either way for gallons of the stuff.
It might be fun to try, but I wouldn't expect much silver.
Read this for some discussion on methods: