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How do I reduce 12v power supply to 6v, DIY? Answered

I've got a problem with a LED setup i'm busy with, i've figured out the LED setup, just the 12v i'm powering it off is to much, I'm in a dark part of Tanzania, solar 12v is no problem but buying something to reduce the volts to 6 volts is, so i need to do it diy, any suggestions



If you can find 8 silicon diodes, put them in series, they will drop about 5.6 volts which will leave you 6.4 volts for your LED's. if you are worried about the extra 0.4 volts, put 1 more diode in there and you should have around 5.7 volts, probably a touch more - silicon diodes drop approximately 0.7 volts per junction (more like 0.67 volts), but it varies. You should be able to come up with them somehow.


Just an Voltage Divider Circuit Hepls Much

Voltage Divider.gif

I am greatly obliged to see this simple circuit. I have a 12v 15w panel and I hope to use it for making a solar mobile charger. However this will require a drop of voltage from 12 to 6 (5.6). will I still need 100 ohm resisters or any 2 with equal ohm rating will do? Will it involve a loss of amperage output and hence wastage of power?

Here is an instructable using a DC to Dc converter:





The data sheet says the input voltage can be 4.5 to 14 volts. The output can be adjusted from one half volt to 6 volts. Just make sure you 12 volts does not exceed 14 and this device will work fine. Murata makes several different devices for different current / wattage requirements;





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Just bend it in half through dirt

I need to reduce power from 12v to 6v, is it possable? I dont have any acces to shops, only broken down things

Better to put your LEDs in a circuit where you can use the 12V, rather than make it 6V.

I would suggest you TRY 4 in series, across your supply and MEASURE the current through them.


I'm loth to get you to burn off energy from a solar panel with a normal regulator - Have you got any access to electronics ?


Unless you need huge amounts of current, a voltage regulator chip is fast and easy. If you need more current, I think there are instructables which demonstrate this too.

Many instructables demonstrate the use of regulators.