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How do I reflatten a warped record player? Answered

How do I reflatten a warped record player's plastic part that the record turns on???
I bought a record player at goodwill & got it home,plugged it in & it looked like a tilt-a-worl.
how can I get it flat aging???


I've seen those before. They are the less expensive ones made of plastic. I believe the best you can do is remove the table as framistan suggets, place it upside down on a flat surface and apply even heat to soften the plastic enough to press flat. Be careful though, as most of these players use an idler wheel that presses against the inside of the rim in order to spin the platter. If you get the rim out of round ("untrue"), you risk making the platter slow down in that area. Check it with a 90 degree angle (carpenters square or a right triangle from the local office supply store) all the way around and correct any areas that are off. Then measure the diameter at many points to ensure it is a circle. Once that is all correct, you should be able to install the platter back on the spindle and enjoy your vinyl again.

If you have one that has a plastic or rubberized insert on a metal platter, just apply even heat (after removing the platter from the player) until the offending part is softened and place something like a heavy book on top until cool. Repeat as often as necessary to achieve the desired result.

For a heat source, try a hot air paint remover. Move it evenly over the whole surface. Do not let it sit too long on one spot as it may melt or even burn plastic or rubber.

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.  Any turntable with a plastic platter is probably not worth saving. :(
.  Quercus austrina has the best idea - gently warm the platter between some weight - but don't expect miracles. You'll probably never get it true again.

I have never had a warped PLAYER turntable... but you will certainly have to remove the turntable and place it on a flat surface.  try hammering it flat carefully. it might be un-repairable.  Usually there is a clip-pin at the topside you must remove to get the platter off.

I've had problems with warped-vinyl, but I've not known that.
Can you remove the turntable?