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How do I remove images from my library? Answered

I'm new to instructables. In creating my first instructable I uploaded images that I now want to replace. I don't see any way to delete images from the library. I know how to delete them from the project. Right now I have too many similar images that I have to scroll through. Thanks


The instructions provided by RocketScientist doesn't match reality.

step 1Login
Login to Instructables and then hover your cursor on your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. One of the options is Image Library, just click on it.

When I hover over rhackenb, there is no set of options that appear. However, when I hover over the icon for my (non-)personal, I can see the link is to https://www.instructables.com/account/settings?modify=IMAGES

Clicking on that link, it just takes me down a path for updating my persona image.

I think this instructable is out of date.

I'm not sure why this process has to be so obscure. it seems like on the library page there could simply be an delete button near the upload button.

The 'ible he linked to is old - the site has had several revisions since then.

Waaa! I provided outdated information! *criesinshame* How can I live with myself?!?!

Ooops, sorry, I didn't look at it carefully


10 years ago

I'm pretty sure they're non deletable. (unless it's changed?)

They are, I just don't remember how you can do it - I'll find out, though.

I just can't find a delete button for the library itself. I found it for the project. The problem with th library feed for any one step is that you only see 8 images and have to keep scrolling to see the rest and they don't just snap into place. It would be great if you see 20-30 on a single screen, maybe only using filenames instead of thrumbnails. Thanks for looking. let me know if you come up with an answer. I can't be the first person to try to delete something from the library.

I can't be the first person to try to delete something from the library.

You're not. =) I can't remember what the others did though. ;-)

I just published my first instructable describing how to do this. I don't see it yet. I guess there is some sort of delay. Thanks, everyone.

Go to


and click on the image you want to delete in the library at the bottom of the page. Click EDIT in the top left hand corner and then click "delete this image".

Hope this helps :-)

This procedure actually works, thanks to whatisface.

1. I don't see a link anywhere to https://www.instructables.com/upload, but if you type it in directly to the browser, you get a list of file icons for images in your library.

2. Click on one of the images you want to delete.

3. A new window will appear with the image in full view. In the upper left corner of the window (below the boilerplate) will be an "Edit" link. Click on it.

4. In a new window you will see the image and options to change various things. In the upper left choose "delete this image".

5. You will get a new window with the option at the lower right to confirm you want to delete it. Click on it.

6. You get a final window confirming that the "file successfully deleted."

Thanks again, whatsisface.