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How do I remove sticker and glue residue from polished plastic? Answered

I'm trying to remove a partially destroyed sticker from my motorcycle. The sticker uses a very strong glue (The strongest I've ever seen). The sticker is glued on the plastic windscreen. Alcohol doesn't work, and I don't want to use nail polish remover because it will damage the windscreen. Any ideas?


I had a manufacturer's sticker on my chrome air filter housing on my new motorcycle that when removed left a whole lot of sticky glue residue. It is 100 degrees here and I didn't want to run to the store for some Goo Gone so I tried krobinson12's idea and borrowed one of my wife's cheap Wal-mart make-up remover clothes. It was completely gone within 10 minutes! Try that! Oh and my hands smell pretty too! :-)

A good bottle of Goo Gone works like a charm

Yes, Goo Gone does remove the label... however, it eats a little of the clear plastic container leaving in opaque. This is an undesired consequence. I wish that I had tried a small test area first as this container is now ruined. If you don't care if the clear plastic becomes opaque, then Goo Gone works.

MAKE UP REMOVING CLOTHS!! I JUST did this and there's NO residue left AT ALL from a pretty large sticker that I had. I have the cheap Wal-Mart makeup removing/cleansing wipes for waterproof mascara and makeup. Hope this helps! Did for me!


8 years ago

It is most likely a petroleum based glue, all you would need is to saturate a towel with gasoline and let it sit on the sticker for a couple hours... put plastic wrap or a garbage bag against it so it doesn't evaporate away as quickly and reduces fumes in the vicinity, and of course don't do it in an area where there could be flames or sparks.

Of course use of WD-40 or other petroleum solvents are safer than gasoline, but people have been using gas on motorcycle parts since the beginning, it is merely a matter of being mindful of what you are doing.

You probably got it off by now - I hope, lol!

Eucalyptus oil - dab on, let it soak for a while and it should come off. Repeat if any residues.

And in New Zealand you can get this great stuff called "De-solv-it", it's based on lemon oil, natural, doesn't stain, dries after a few days (so leaves no oily residue),  is kind to your skin, smells good and works like a dream on anything sticky (including pine-cone sap) - also works as a natural ant killer that won't harm your dog, cat, rabbit etc

:) Yasmin


8 years ago

Good old fashion Zippo lighter fluid works........

Hello, Im a signwriter, two type of vinyl adhesive used is Monomeric ie water based and cleans up well with water/alcahol, the other that is used on pro film { 3m,avery etc } is polymeric, as some say use wd40 ok but will leave a residue so if you want to resticker ..... Use basic plain jane - Mineral Turps let it soak a little, then heavy wet a rag in it and rub, use an old plastic credit card to scrap gum {adhesive has turned to goo} . original bike stickers will have a clear lamination for protection which will make it very awkward to remove, use a heat gun to plastisize the whole sticker { about 110*C }, the sticker will go stretchy long before the plastic guards/farings will melt.

Motsenbocker's Lift Off 2. They sell a Lift Off for alot of different issues, this one is specific for adhesives.


You can find it a Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Walmart that I've seen so far. I've used it for decade old bumper stickers, road tar, duct tape, and following after my kids on craft days. It works.

the easiest way i have found is Goo Off it comes in a spray bottle and it works miricles i found mine at home depot

Another way is that when you are peeling a decal off, do so very slowly and it will usually take it's adhesive with it. Practice with labels like those found on bottles of rubbing alcohol or prescription pill bottles. Peel with constant but moderate tension, and you'll pull the sticker off cleanly with no residue left behind. Patience is the key here. 90% of demand for adhesive removers is due to someone's impatience in removing the decal, which only costs more time using another chemical. Not all decals will take their adhesive with them, but most paper-based decals will. ☺

There's no way I can remove it by peeling. I already tried for hours. The glue is ULTRA strong, and even when I manage to pinch a tiny piece of the sticker, it immediately breaks-off. Aaarg!!

Is this a paper sticker, or vinyl, like license tags? For the latter, try this: Get the PB Blaster and saturate the area. Use your fingernail and go around the perimeter to lift just a slight edge. Re-treat with the PB again, and just leave it....Progressively repeat (even over the course of days), working the sticker off from the edges. Keep working it this way, maintaining the area being wet from the PB Blaster. It may take time, but you'll eventually get it off. If minor scarring is acceptable to you, lightly slice the sticker with a razor-blade, and it will proceed faster. If it is a paper sticker, rip off the top layer as best you can, and soak the remaining base-layer, and it should eventually give way. re-apply PB Blaster after anytime it rains, or daily, whichever comes first.

Sometimes another sticker is effective in removing sticky-residues. You wrap it around your fingers, press on and pull off like you might rip-off a plaster. L

This is no ordinary glue. It's the sticker-glue from hell!

Aye. The theory is that if you have some equally sticky glue, it has the option to go with that. OK, maybe you'll just end up with the bike ripping the glue off the sticker, but that doesn't leave you in a much worse position. L

A better way to remove adhesives is a product called "PB blaster", which is sold as a superior alternative to WD-40. Just spray it on a rag and wipe the adhesive away like it was a melted "jolly-rancher" candy. Removes almost any decal adhesive by destroying the adhesive on contact. Does not harm paint or 99% of plastics, and any residue can be cleaned off with dish-soap. I use it all the time to clean adhesive from soda-bottle labels or anything else with an adhesive that I want to remove. It can even get under "hot-glue".

There is NO substitute for it, it is the superior surfactant and penetrant you can possibly buy, and makes WD-40 look about as effective as water in any situation. You should be able to find it at your local Checker/Shucks/Kragen auto parts stores. WD-40 is worthless for anything once you've tried PB Blaster. Try it and you will be a believer.

I have used Dot 3 Brake fluid to remove stickers from some computer plastics that I was going to paint some was OK and some was kinda dingy after the cleaning. WD-40 works on most stickers

I've used WD-40 on different plastics with no damage. I spray it on and let it soak for a while.

YA!!!!!!!!!!!! WD-40 the #1 poor man's do all. Just as Duct Tape

Goo Gone is amazing. I swear by it for removing goo.

I use to have vinyl grafics on my car and on the plastic headlights and after removing the vinyl I had the sticky residue on and I used degreaser I had that I bought in an Auto Parts Store and it removed it without harming the paint or the plastic. Just spray it on a spot to make sure it wont harm it. The cleaner is called Purple Power Cleaner/Degreaser .. I bought mines in a gallon size for only around $4. US . I'm sure they have a smaller size too. There's also a adhesive remover made just for that in a spray can. Check in the spray paint section for that one or ask the sales person. Hope that works for you. =)