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How do I remove the factory stickers from my OCC Chopper bike? Answered

Hello, I'm Looking for the best method of removing the factory stickers from an OCC Chopper bike without damaging the paint. I've tried Goo-Gone, the Hairdryer technique. Please tell me what the best method is. Thank you everyone!


Xylene works, and use a heat gun on a low setting to remove the stickers. Often the adhesive will come off with it!

There are stickers that have adhesive that are designed not to be removed.
I'm sure someone of OCC calibre would use a strong adhesive to maintain the quality image throughout their build.

Why not get in touch with them and ask them?

also be aware that certain solvents may ruin the paintwork.

Petrol (gasoline) works well for many sticky labels. Best way to try is to lie the bike down then lift an edge of the sticker and get some petrol in contact with the glue, then slowly, slowly peel back, squeezing petrol from a small piece of rag into the gap as you go along.
(Wear gloves, and don't do this by candle-light. ;¬)