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How do I remove the gear that's attached to this printer motor? Answered

I've salvaged a stepper motor out of an old printer, but I'm having trouble taking the gear off of the spindle bit. I can't see any method of releasing it, so it's not screwed on or anything.
I've got a blurrycam image (sorry!) so I hope you can see what it looks like...
On a related note, anyone know of a decent place to get a coupler from in England?



What I usually do with such things is attack the beast with tiny bits of saw blade, wire cutters, sharp metal stuff lying around, screwdrivers of all sorts, and (quite yucky) a soldering iron ( sometimes helpful, but you have to clean it afterwards) to tear it (and sometimes my fingers) to pieces.


7 years ago

A bit of heat and some prying might get it off. Hopefully, without damaging anything inside. So why do you consider the gear annoying? It'd be much easier to attach something onto that, than onto the spindle itself.

Have you tried sticking a flat screwdriver blade under the gear (between the motor and the gear) and then prying it off?

Yeah that was my first idea, but it ended up just denting the metal on the motor! It's well dug in!

These are usually a press fit onto the shaft. Pull up -- ideally, while pressing down on the exposed end of the shaft. (That's basically how a "gear puller" works -- a pair of hooks which latch onto the gear, and a central threaded post whose tip rests against the shaft. Turn the post, and the threads pull the hooks back. I haven't seen a gear puller this small, but they probably exist if you can't kluge something.)

I never knew gear pullers existed! Just found some on ebay which hopefully will do the job. Cheers!


7 years ago

Its plastic, take a pair of dikes (diagonal wire cutters) and nip it off in pieces. Just take care not to nip the shaft in the process.

I wish it was plastic! It's a big ol'e hunk of metal. That said, I might just get the dremel out...