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How do I repair or replace the accessory vacuum hose on a Food Saver Model V3820? Answered

The accessory vacuum hose stopped drawing a vacuum.  The motor runs. The main part of the machine still vacuums and seals as it is supposed to do.  The reel works and the hose does not seem to be damaged in any way. Everything else seems to work as it should.


Packing wet items can and will eventually cause clogs in the vacuum system, and dried crud from wet items will cause problems with various seals. A thorough cleaning is probably in order, and you may need to order some replacement parts from the mfg or *possibly send it back for factory maintenance (I vaguely recall seeing something somewhere about vacuum sealer repair services, which for some of us is a better alternative than attempting it ourselves.)

I have the a model v3425 and have noticed a weakening in the vacuum since I first purchased it, most recently when I packed up about 5 lbs of roasted red pepper I use in my chili recipes... thanks for the reminder to do maintenance. I rely on that gizmo to keep my budget on target year by year. I've never taken it apart, but since it has a "wret" setting, I have to guess they have some sort of pad-type filter internal, and that might eventually get plugged from food material blocking the vac line...

Open it up and see what's going on. The system may have a separate pump for the accessory hose. If not then the connection between the hose and the pump may have an issue.