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How do I replace chain link fence posts? Answered

I have a really old chain link fence that completely encloses my yard on three sides. Both sides and all the corner posts are metal and firmly in the ground with concrete. But for a 5 "post" section in the back of the yard, the previous owner just stuck RR ties in the ground, which are rotted and leaning. I want to replace these with metal posts. My question is: should I set the posts in cement or pea gravel? I've read arguments for both on this site. Since the other sides and the corners are sturdy, do I need to wait 24 hours before reattaching the chain link "fabric?" Thanks in advance! Any advice would be appreciated!



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you're going back with metal posts use conc.  Remove ALL of the organic matter and set the posts in conc. and plumb them.  Let them sit 24 hours if you can without the wire touching them.  Conc. continues to develop strength for 28 days if kept moist.  But at 24 hours it will be strong enough.

If you're going back with wood use pea gravel, treated posts and of course you can remount the wire as soon as you have your posts in.

I'm glad you and not I are doing the work.  Fence work is hard work.

I'm not quite sure. I am actually looking for somebody who can help me replace my chain link fence in Vancouver. It has been down for a while and my dog keeps running away. I need to get it fixed so that she can't run away anymore.

Well, in my opinion, chain link fences tend to be the bargain/go-to fence as a less expensive option. My uncle has been looking for fencing in Calgary and has discovered some great deals on high quality fencing and has realized that it's worth it to spend more money on a nicer fence.


8 years ago

Thank you all for your answers to my question, I'm ready to tackle the fence this weekend. I will be taking it slow (as all my big projects) and digging up the old posts one at a time until I'm done. I expect the whole thing to take a couple of weekends.  

I wish I had known how long concrete takes to set last year. I did a different fence repair, one of the metal posts had rusted through and broken at the base. I put a piece of PVC pipe in it and some quick crete, it works, and my fence doesn't lean at that part anymore, but it wasn't as solid as I had hoped for.  I had wiggled that post every couple of hours like a sore tooth. No wonder it never set right. I thought I had mixed the concrete wrong, and that's why I was considering using the pea gravel for this repair.
Thanks again!

Over this side of the pond, we can buy a "post mix" concrete, which sets in under 10 minutes. If you can find it use it.


Is that the kind where you just dump the dry mix in the post hole and fill the hole with water? Very handy stuff, that.

Yep, you need to stir it with a stick, but it sets off like greased lightning, you can see steam come off it in winter !


I'd go with the cement, but that's just wow I've always seen it done. If you go with cement, do let it cure for the recommended time before attaching anything to the posts. Cement will be weakened by too much fiddling while it sets. Waiting will allow the cement to set fully, and so avoid weakening it.