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How do I replace fascia & soffit when the roof itself is sound?? Answered

Frame construction Florida house with 32" overhangs.  New roof in 2006 but dry rot in fascia and soffit(entire house needs done).  After deconstruction what goes back up first?  Should I use vinyl or aluminum soffit panels instead of wood?



8 years ago

Post a few photos- until we can see what is going on (vented? unvented? raked? flat? T+G? Panel? Nailed? Screwed? Returned? Etc, etc) we will all be talking out of our asses...

Hire it out unless you REALLY want some hard work.  Lots of the time you'll be working with your hands over your head and that gets old real fast.

Go back with aluminum or vinyl where ever you can so it doesn't rot again.  You might look into "hardi plank" a concrete product meant to replace siding products with something that looks a lot better.

First goes on a new wood edge-board (dont know the name) that the fascia will mount on.

Then comes the 'c' or 'j' channel that attaches to the house at the same level as the bottom of the fascia.

Then you install the soffit pannels, vinyl or aluminum if you prefer are best; wood does tend to rot...
1. Cut the soffit to length
2. Insert soffit in the j-channel you installed earlier, lapping the edges into each other to make a solid piece
3. staple the fascia side of the soffit to the wooden fascia

Then you install the fascia.  It only gets nailed/screwed on the horizontal surface into the wood, use nails/screws designed to seal against moisture penetrating thru the fascia into the wood.

Then you install an L-shaped channel that goes under the shingles and above the fascia; this last step makes sure water goes from the roof, and preferably down around the fascia rather than under it.