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How do I replace the belt on my Hoover 5050ED Dryer? Answered

Dryer hadn't dried the last load and found it will not tumble, can manually move the barrel round but it was making a scraping noise, unscrewed the back and found the belt is broken.
Would appreciate instructions on how to replace it please.


Post a picture of the thing and it'd be easier. Does the belt go around the drum, and is there a belt-tensioner in there?
Having looked at the belt, do you have any idea why it broke? No point in replacing it if there's a fault to be fixed first.


I will post a picture later 2day.
Yes it looks like there is a belt -tensioner, the belt looks old and as if it has stretched.. it was wound up around the drive shaft, so not broken but may as well be.
Ive never had a prob with the dryer before.

The trick is to flick the tensioner with your hand, to allow you to get it through there & the motor pulley. Drum first - align it correctly, then wangle onto the tensioner & motor.


Belt replacement is us7ually a matter of brute force - buy a new matching one (check the pack before you leave the store and make sure it fits your exact model), then simply loop it over one pulley, and then heave it over the other.

You will find it easier to push the belt over part of the "lip" of the pulley at one side, then slowly turn the pulley as you guide the belt into place.

Strong thumbs are essential.