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How do I report a rip-offed Instructable? Answered

Received the Instructables newsletter today, Feb 21 2013, and immediately recognized one of the 'ibles to be from a blog I frequent. The Instructable is called "Wall of Paper Hearts": https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-wall-of-paper-hearts/
It's written by "okrolomi" and it's ripped off wholesale, pictures and all, from Jessica Jones of How About Orange: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2013/01/wall-of-paper-hearts.html

The guy didn't even bother to make his own version, just took it, words, pictures, and all, from somewhere else. And it even got featured in the newsletter. How, and to whom do I report this? Can his post be taken down? 


Has the email address listed here for reporting questionable instructable changed?

I reported an Instructable a few days ago and have had no response, most companies review such requests within 48 hours as copyright infringement is normally seen as a serious infraction.

I've emailed the people at HQ that deal with this and pointed them at this question so they can let you know what happens. You're right, it's a very blatant rip off.

I've found another Instructable that's been ripped off. Where should I send this information? Thanks

Send an email to service@instructables.com would probably be best.

Thanks so much! I'm normally a lurker, but this really bothered me. Hope it gets taken down.

In this case, it sounds like Jayefuu has already forwarded the information for you.

If you run across another one, all of the details you provide above (original source, URLs for both the original and the plagiarized I'ble) are essential. Just e-mail them, with some explanatory text, to service (at) instructables.com. That gets it directly to the Staff members who can deal with this stuff directly.

You can also post this sort of thing as a forum topic in Help : Feedback or Help : Bugs, but those aren't quite as efficient as the service address.

A new flagging option, maybe called Infringement or something, would be nice. I recently noticed an Instructable that had stolen a picture of a product and then used clip art along with instructions like "Trace the outline.", "Cut it out", and "Glue it together". Actually that's pretty much all the text. Since it was clearly made just to be a contest entry I flagged it as spam, for lack of a better option.

I do wish HQ would do some kind of due diligence on Newsletter graded Instructables. I don't think this is the first.