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How do I reset all Finder preferences if I have changed the folder view settings in Mac OS 9? Answered

I own a 2nd hand iMac G3, and one day I was exploring Mac OS 9's folder view preferences, when I accidentally set Finder's icon view settings to 32x32 and when I booted back into OS X, opened up a Finder window and looked in my OS X applications (because Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X boot from the same hard drive), all the icons were stuck at 32x32. Any ideas on how to fix this? I've tried deleting the OS X Finder preferences, deleting all the .DS_Store files and OS X is still showing icons at 32x32. Can any one help me to fix this without reinstalling OS X Jaguar? (I don't have any install disks).


Go in to your folder settings, you might have to go from system settings to do all the folders at once, choose reset to defaults. If it's stuck with that as the default then just choose the original option.