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How do I rewire a Yamaha CT3 magneto that was disassembled by the previous owner? Answered

I was recently given a project bike, a 1973 Yamaha CT3.  The engine was partially disassembled and the magneto was taken apart.  I'm trying to reassemble it, but I'm not sure what wires to hook up where.  The schematic I have is a top level schematic of the entire bike.  Any advice would be appreciated. I'm trying to get it looking like the picture, but now it's only in pieces.

I've uploaded some pics of what I have reassembled so far.  The capacator is still on the bike.  I added the coils back to the plate of the stator, but no wires are connected. 


USUALLY colors continue at plugs.

The picture looks complete, you'd just need to connect the right plugs to the main wiring-loom, schematic would help.
But you say yours is in bits?
Can you picture what you've got?