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How do I rig up small LED lights to my sound system to make them flash to the beat? Answered

Do I connect them straight to the speaker cable? Please help, I'm on a low budget, want to make my hi-fi look cool but I'm completely clueless about electronics & stuff!


Get a string of LED Xmas lights.  If you have a sufficiently powerful stereo, they will flash with the beat.  If they don't, put a 1K resistor in series, and reduce the number of LEDs in the string until they start to light up.

Or get a kit like the Vellemann 4307:

Sweet. Small LED christmas lights?  Do I hook them up to the speaker cable itself, or would I even get away with putting them straight into the speaker port on the back of my super-woofer with the speaker cable?  I have six speakers coming from my super-woofer & there is speaker cable coming from my hi-fi to go into the super-woofer. I don't want to risk overloading my sound system! . Sorry If I'm seeming a TOTALLY clueless, but I'm guessing its not a good idea to plug the lights into the mains also?  Just want to keep on the safe side. Thanks.

Depending on your setup, you could use a circuit designed to drive a VU meter. The circuit at sound.westhost.com/project60.htm will show you how to construct a full VU meter, which you can adapt to your needs. Ergo, you can adjust the gain and use only the top one or two LEDs to match the beat of your song.

Good luck!

sweet- will check that site out now! thanx!

Google "color organ"  start looking at the simple circuits and work up from there.