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How do I search for groups and how do I create a group? Answered

I would like to create a group for a hacker-space in Indianapolis. First I want to figure out how to search for existing groups (I'm a member of several groups and might find more that I want to join) so that I can verify that there hasn't been a group already created for an Indy hacker space. Once I verified there isn't an already a group that exists, how do I create a new group?


Kiteman has your answer for searching, if you want to create a group please email me at service@instructables.com with all the details on what you want the group to be, who you are representing, along with any other details, and I'll put you in touch with the right person here at HQ.

At the moment, members can neither create nor search for groups within the site.

You can, though, exploit Google's tools. For instance, if you wanted to find a group about hats, you would search for hats site:https://www.instructables.com/group