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How do I see my own collections Answered

A newbie question.

I added some instructables to collections using the +collection button. But how do I actually see my own collections? Where do I click?

I went to my profile page but there is no where that leads to my own collections.


I also had this problem, if you log out and log back in it shows up.

It appears you do not yet have any published collections. You can see your draft (unpublished) collections by clicking on the "You" button at the top right of any page, where any drafts you have created will appear and be accessible to you.

I saw it thanks! it seems the collections take some time to show up.

have you ever seen your collections? I am still waiting for the 'Collections' option to show up under 'You'

It appears that your collections are still in the draft form. Try logging out and back in to reset your account. You should then see your draft collections under "You".

I pressed save on my draft and then closed but now I cannot find it!? Somebody please tell me whats going on.