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How do I set up a wireless wifi antenna/? Answered


This is the third time you've asked the same question.

There really ought to be a FLAG for "duplicate question, admins please clean up."

(I also wouldn't mind one for "not really an ANSWERS kind of question, user should take it to the forums or some similar venue.")

Hey sorry things like that would bother you soooo much. You must have something wrong in your life. Sorry for you. I'm new to this site and just trying to get some help from the nice people. Thier are some very nice, knowledgable, and helpful people on here who really want to do a service and pass on information that they understand can be confusing to people sometimes. Why are 'YOU' on this site??

Did you notice that the same person you just whined to also gave you Best Answer to the second of your three identical questions?

If I had a 'merge and delete' button I'd use it. :(

Well I'm new to the site and I'm a pro member. I am just trying to access the best information as fast as I can. It is unbelieveable that there are people on here who waste thier time making
'small' busybody remarks like that! Why are 'YOU' on this site???

What exactly do you want to do? Most wifi antennas are vertically polarised dipoles. On the other hand you can increase range with some kind of parabolic antenna - much good results have been had with the lid of a WOK.