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How do I shorten a cable meant to give me more range for a USB device such as a wireless mouse? Answered

I have a 3 foot cord that I can use to extend the placement of a USB device such as a Flash drive. It's in a tape pouch, taped to the lid of my computer. I want to know how I can shorten the length of the cord so I can just leave the flashdrive on the computer, and decrease the risk of losing my flashdrive. without shortening it, it will be far too long and bulky. Thanks


Get some twist ties, zip ties, or the little plastic tabs they use to close up bread bags and loop it like most wired things are when packaged, no cutting or soldering needed.

not that hard, cut the wire to the length u want, and just resolder the wires (if its right, its colour coded)
then use some heatshrink to make it sturdy.

remember, if ur going to use heatshrinking tube, place it befour u solder, unless its big enough to go over the male USB connector (in wich case u'd need 3:1 heatshrinking tube)
just shrink it with a lighter/match/candle.

if ur not going to use heatshrinking tube, just use some electrical tape to insulate the bare wires, and some ductape to make it sturdy  (altough that might not look as professional)

maybe takes 5~10 minutes if u know what ur doing, 10~20 if not ;)

Thanks, I don't have a solder gun or anything though, which really stinks, nor do I have heatshrink tubes. Do you know of a place where I can get them cheap?

soldering irons can be as cheap as $5
theyr crappy, but theyl do for this.
ul need some solder (tin) also, another buck, maybe 2.
just check ur local hardware/elektronics store.
if ur lucky, u can get some shrink tube there also.

itl cost less than $10 if u do it that way.

but, it can be cheaper;
just cut it, cut every wire, strip about 1~2inches, and twist them together, then use some good, strong tape to keep it connected.
then wrap all 4 cables with more tape, alot more tape.
thatl cost u bout $0.50 in  tape.
downside is, that it will break alot faster, but it can work if u  wont move the cable to much, or  roll it up for storage.

Just loop it up.