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How do I spice up my guinea pig's habitat? Answered

I have a 6 month old guinea pig named Patunea. I try to spice it up on the cheap but it's suckish.


You don't have to worry about it anymore. My Guinea Pig died August 31st.

Dear Rsbarr96,

Guinea pigs are social animals and need a lot of room to run around in. It could just be the photograph but that looks like a very small translucent box without room for anything.

Read this http://www.rspca.org.uk/allaboutanimals/pets/rodents/guineapigs/company and maybe make/get a hutch, a wire run and another Guinea pig; then you have the pleasure of seeing them frolic around, climbing over logs, stretching out in the sun, grazing on grass all day, searching for the food that you have hidden, climbing through pipes and generally loving life.

We had two guinea pigs in our tiny garden that would run free in the day and then go back into the hutch in the evening on their own, via small door. The hutch was well insulated and they were fine even in the winter; they would be running around in the snow.
The cats and dogs ignored them, but a wire run is advised until they are used to your pigs.

I think that your piggy will not be happy in its present home, it certainly made me sad to think of it in that box.

If money is an issue then there is an instructable here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Cheap-Guinea-Pig-Run/

Kind Regards



OMG!!!! You are the best EVER with guinea pigs! I'm going to talk my parents about this right away! THANK YOU!!!! :D Prepare for happiness Patunea! I erased the last comment b/c it had errors.

I suggest a bigger cage. C&C cages are the best i've found so far. I got mine from GuineaPigZone.com Guinea pigs need alot more room than what pet store cages offer, and pet store cages are exspensive.

Here's afew ideas-
The small cage they offer is big enough for one pig, it's also cheaper than any pet store cage i've ever seen. My two guinea pigs have the XL cage and they really enjoy it.

If money is an issue then perhaps consider potty training your pig and letting her be 'free range' in your room atleast part time. Just make sure there's nothing that she can get into that would hurt her or that she could get hurt by chewing on such as electrical cords.

Another good site. They have alot of information as well as a message board for users to share ideas and information. Perhaps you could get some good ideas there.

Cool! Never thought I could potty train Patunea. I thought I couldn't train her at all! Thanks for the advice!

I don't know why but my parents said she is happy where she is. I don't believe that. Although she doesn't wine & complain. They say we might get her a running ball or a bigger place. Her habitat is 2 1/2 ft. long & 1 ft. wide.

In case you actually need real suggestions, I see its a tupperware style home. May I suggest adding colourful plastic/fabric stuff to it? Replacing the clear house with a colourful one couldn't hurt. Drawing on the sides with non-toxic plastic-safe pens would help too.

Good idea but FriendOfHumanity's idea is better. Besides, I don't think Patunea would care.

No problemo -- it's not a competition, just a collaboration :D


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The habitat is not food or a smell festival, smart-ellics!