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How do I splice cables together? Answered

How do I splice cables together?


different types of splices for different cables. what kind?

Oops clicked best answer when I meant reply. Umm cell phone cable and USB cable.

Sometimes it's possible. Am I correct in that you intend to use the cellphone cable and usb cable to sync your phone to your computer? or charge it thru a usb port? It won't work to sync to the computer. And you run the risk of, literally, frying your phone phone that way. For both, your better off ordering a sync cable off ebay. You can get them usually about $5 with shipping.

So you wouldn't recommend making one? And yes charge it through a USB port.

No. I wouldn't recommend splicing a cellphone cable with a usb cable to charge your phone thru a usb port. At least not a phone still under a contract. One tech-shot I know tried that with his brand new phone and the result required a fire extinguisher(and replacing the floor and a section of wall). Not worth the risk when you can get a usb data cable from ebay with freeshipping for as little as 3$ depending on your model.

cut the cell phon cable and strip the wires, you should have a red and a white/black cut and strip the USB wires, you will have a red, black white and green wires connect the red from the cellphone to the red of the usb, then connect the white/black of the cell phone to the black of USB