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How do I splice my power cord into the battery panel? Answered

Power jack on Dell Inspiron laptop is broken. Rather than fix it, can't I splice something onto my power cord that will plug directly in through the battery panel's access? Sure, you'd have to stay plugged in without battery, but it's a temporary fix that doesn't involve taking the thing apart...


dont mess up with the battery header. repair or replace the ac header

You'll still have to take the laptop apart if you wish to do this. You'll need to: -Cut the tip off of your power cord. -Strip the wires of the power cord. -Identify the voltage of each wire. -Dismantle laptop to the point where you have access to the board -Identify power jack and the positive and negative leads on the board. -Remove (or bypass) old power jack. -Solder the correct wires of your cord to the correct leads on the board. -Reassemble. You'll also have to secure the wire if you ever move the laptop at all. Take it to a small computer shop that handles laptops, you might get it fixed right for much cheaper than you'd expect.