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How do I start a Christian Bible Study and blog? Answered

I have a one-on-one study now and we discuss over the phone when the he has the time. I would like to organize a Bible Study Hour once or twice a month and invite people to come and study and then we can blog about study as it relates to todays issues.

The study would be open to all We would provide for young children if we are notified in advance. This has been a part of my calling to serve the Lord.


Thank you very much for the article: My cross

I would google "start a free blog". Set it up, Then invite people to read it. There are quite a few folks here on ibles that would probably visit (myself included). You could even set up real-time discussions in a chat room like "meebo". As a format for the study, I'd recommend checking out "anotheruntoldstory.com". Let me first say that I DON'T subscribe to much of his theology (sometimes it sounds a bit racist), but the setup is good. You can hear and read bible related lessons at your convenience. Then set up a link to a blog and a chat room.

there is a website that lets you make free blogs. its called blogger.com