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How do I stream movies from iMac to Macbook Pro wirelessly, without buying any software? Answered

I'm aware you can use the built-in file sharing system, but I've encountered problems with that. Yet I have no problems streaming 720p movies wireless to my PS3 with Vuze.
Anyone know of any free software? All I'm aware of is "Orb".

And obviously I'm looking for a Mac-to-Mac way to do this.



7 years ago

Okay so the first thing that you will want to do is open itunes and make sure that you have the movie that you want to stream in itunes, if you don't than you can convert them to itunes movie format with a program called "handbrake' which is free and multi platform. If you use handbrake to make sure you lose as little quality as possible when converting them select universal.

Next open up itunes preferences (,) then select "sharing" and select the options you want you have the options to share movies, music, selected playlists etc you can even set a password! However you must select "share my library on my local network" or else this will not work.

Now go to the computer that you want the media streamed to and open up itunes. You should see the name of an itunes library underneath "home sharing" if not make sure itunes is open on the computer that you are streaming from. Click on the name of that itunes library if you set a password in preferences on the computer that you are streaming from you will be prompted to enter that password.

Now you may click the uncollapse arrow and you should be able to select a tab that says movies underneath that and watch any movie that you have on the itunes library of the computer that you are streaming from.

Happy streaming!

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Answer 7 years ago

This would be brilliant if my "library" wasn't of hundreds of AVI files :P

What I'm really looking for is something that's as easy to use for mac-mac as mac-ps3 is with vuze.


Answer 7 years ago

Maybe you could find an avi plugin for iTunes.