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How do I switch a Push button Switch to a toggle switch? Answered

I bought EL wire and the power is a push button switch and would like to know how i could change it to a toggle switch also if anyone knows how to change it from battery powered to powered by the car ild greatly appreciate it for that I was thinking of using a fuse tap though


You won't be able to remove the push button and put a toggle in its place unless you use a monetary on toggle switch. Behind that push button are a few components that allow that push button to latch between on and off. You would need to bypass that bit of circuitry to install a basic toggle. But like i said a spring loaded momentary toggle switch can easily replace the push button. But i'm sure that's not what your looking for.

The Skinners has the best response for powering the EL wire from your car's battery.

I haven't worked with EL wire drivers so maybe it's a valid assumption but it seems odd that the power button would be momentary with some sort of secondary system to hold it on and off when there are standard push buttons that have built in "latches". I would think you could just take the entire push button switch and replace it with a standard toggle.

If it is a on/off push button then yes a simple swap with a toggle will be fine. But those kinds of push buttons cost more then a regular monetary push button with the components to allow it to turn on and off with a momentary press.

Unless the button has any visible clips for attaching a latch mechanism, the best option is to go and find a suitable switch elsewhere.

What is the voltage/power rating of your EL wire power supply? If the input voltage is less than the 12V+ from the car battery, a simple linear voltage regulator may work (but will dissipate a lot of heat if the EL wire draws a high current).