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How do I take apart a rivet? Answered

I am trying to disassemble something and part of it is held together by a rivet (I think that's what it is called -see images) and I don't want to damage the wood that is being held together. (ps- I don't have a lot of power tools)


Either drill it out, grind off the peened-over edges, or go after it with a pair of vise-grips and try to squeeze those peened-over edges back together so they will slide back through the washer. (Normal pliers may not give you enough mechanical advantage.) If you take that last solution, you may need to fight with trying to drive a wedge of some sort (a small screwdriver?) between the washer and rivet before those edges are raised enough to grab and squish or break off. You may want to review the instructable on installing these so you understand what you're dealing with: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-peen-a-rivet

drill straight through it and pull it out pliers may be needed

Of the drill/grind options, I'd go with the drill. Grinding might cause the rivet to get hot enough to char the wood. If you don't have a drill, use a file. You only need to remove the bent-over portions from the back that hold the washer on.

You say you don't have many power tools, but if you do happen to have the dremel, use a thin cut-off wheel, score the silver side of the rivet in a + fashion. Try to get just to the wood, then the four sections you have scored can be pried up, broken off and the rivet should come out. Cman

grind/file/drill the untidy-looking end off.

what is this thing in there for?


The best way to take it out is to drill it out, using the silver side so the drill bit doesn't wander. Just use the drill bit that's the same size as the hole it is in.