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How do I take apart the Onda vx575HD?, I need to access the screen. Answered

The item has no obvious screws or catches, the ports stick into the side part of the rear frame and there is no other way of internal access other than removing the body. How would I go about remove the rear parts so as to access the screen?

For pictures just type in 'onda vx575' on google images.

It's not broken so I'm not going to talk to the manufacturer and there is no warranty anyway. I just have an instructable in mind.

Thanks in advance


Thanks, I had to snap the plastic around the ports but the rest is fine.
I also noticed my LCD seems really dark, even when on and showing something it seems to let barely any light through, should it be able substantially weaken a 200 lumen torch down to a mini maglite brightness? or have I not taken a layer of something off the screen?


Best Answer 7 years ago

It is likely that the case is held together by internal plastic tabs similar to the way an iPod is fastened together.  Take a thin piece of a tough, flat plastic and probe along the seam trying to push sideways, the front and back apart. 
Generally, it is better to try and get one corner free and then work your way around using the plastic probe to free the internal tabs. You may need to slip a thin spacer between the pieces as you progress to keep them from snapping back in place.
Work slowly and don't get too aggressive and it should come free.

thanks for that, I'll try it now

Yea that'd be it, you'll probably break something trying, so be careful it's not the bits you want.