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How do I take cuttings from my hardy wild roses and prepare them for transplanting? Answered



Quercus austrina

6 years ago

In order to transplant from cuttings, you need to make the cuttings grow roots. Many ways to do this, but I will give you 3 to start.

1.) Clean cutting goes right into a jar of water. Keep the water relatively clean, add a tiny bit of sugar and a bit of crushed aspirin. the cut end should begin to show root hairs within a week or so. When they are long enough, plant in moist soil (don't let the roots get dry, as that will ruin all your hard work) and keep the soil moist, but not wet. After several months it should be hardy enough to transplant.

2.) Find a product called Root-It. This is a chemical powder that helps to root almost any cutting. This stuff works if you follow the instructions on the container.

3.) This is one my mother-in-law used with uncanny success. Early spring, take the cutting and put it in a sunny area where the ground has been moistened. Just make a slit in the ground and push it in. Place a large (approximately 1 gallon) glass mayonnaise jar (or similar) over the cutting. Leave it covered for at least a month, maybe more, depending on the rainfall in your area. By summer, the cutting should have rooted into the soil and you can remove the jar. If you dig enough dirt around the newly rooted plant, you should be able to transplant it at that point, but you might want to wait until the following year.



6 years ago

there are sum quite nice vids on youtube. Ironically, the english ones, are not such a good quality as the german ones, but in the end it's only about clean cuts and a T of the same size as the length of the cut of the cut branch/bud: