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How do I take files off a DVD without damaging the DVD? Answered

There are some DVD's I want to get files off of, (To be specific, movie files from a movie called "Braveheart") How can I go about this?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Technically, this is illegal, but here is a link to a program you can download.
In order to get information such as movie files off of a DVD, the information must be decrypted. This link is to a decrypter that I have used. The files it rips are what I believe would be an ISO file. This can be converted into any other type of file in order to be used for your purpose. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

You could just Format it and then put the files you want back on

I would recommend a really sharp fillet knife, butter knifes are a bit harder to control.


9 years ago

put the disc in your computer and either: -copy the files from the dvd to your hard drive or -use a piece of software to create an image of the disc (like disk utility on a mac)

Commercial DVDs are not rewritable. What's on the disk is on the disk to stay.