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How do I tell if a guy likes me? Answered

I'm a college sophomore, 18, and I've never really cared about dating before so I've never kissed a guy, never had a boyfriend, never even held hands romantically, haha, but finally I've found a guy I really like. We've known each other for almost eight months and we're good friends and have even been on a few casual dates.  He found out that I liked him as more than a friend at the very end of winter semester, right before I was going home for the summer, and when we talked about it, he said he'd thought about officially asking me out, but thought it wouldn't be a good idea since I was leaving and we wouldn't see each other for a while.  I kind of agreed with this.
So over the summer, I know he was kind of dating someone, but the girl just recently told him it wasn't working out.  He took me out to dinner a few days ago and things are completely normal between us, zero awkwardness. And I'm TOTALLY confused! I know he likes spending time with me, and we've got to be something more than friends (right?) because we've been on like four dates by now. Any ideas of how I could find out if he likes me would be really helpful, or any way I could let him know I'm still interested in him without being in his face about it, would be really helpful.


This has been asked a number of times, but your situation is a bit different than most. If anybody really had the answer, nobody would have problems finding out. Anyone who says different is only fooling themselves. My suggestion is to just bring it up again. Tell him how you feel, that you're still interested, and you're hoping a new semester could be a fresh start.

don't _have_ to be something more than friends. Maybe he just likes you as a friend and isn't particularly thinking about you as a love interest; there may be something that just isn't "clicking" from his point of view, or he may just not be ready to take that step. Good friends are a good thing too, so if that's what it is, enjoy it for what it is.

The only way to let him know you're interested -- is to let him know you're interested. The only way to find out if he's interested is to either ask him or risk going farther than he's ready to deal with. He himself may not know how serious he is. Just tell him, quietly, "hey, in case you didn't know, the invitation is still open".

He may also be trying to protect you. If he's just coming off another relationship, and is experiencing some emotional rebound, he may be afraid that he'd be getting involved with you because of that rather than because there's something likely to last. If so, his decision to go slow rather than risk hurting you by starting and then breaking off is entirely reasonable and honorable, and you should be pleased that he cares enough about you to do so... though if you're willing to take the risk that it might be a short-term fling rather than anything deeper, you could consider saying so.

If you're considering looking at/for someone else if he doesn't make a move soon, you can tell him that too.

After that, whatever happens happens.

Well, he's hanging out, and hes been on dates with you. That's definitely a good clue. But he's been just friends for so long, he probably doesn't know how to make the next move.

You're just going to have to do this the slightly unorthodox way, and he's going to be amazed and very pleasantly surprised.

as Yoko said: simply put -- ask him out. period.