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How do I tell if my cat is pregnant? Answered

My cat got out a couple months ago,we think she is pregnant,we can kind of see she is getting bigger but we think she is just growing.If you think you have info on my question please comment,I need to know.If you comment;thank you.If you comment and it is not nice;don't comment again.  



It's been a while. I'm sure she is not pregnant now but thanks for the posts

Pregnant cats that I have known look like barrels on legs by the time they are 8 weeks into their 9 week pregnancy. Also the abdomen feels taut like a drum skin, not easily pliable as it does in a non-pregnant cat. As AngryRedhead says, the mammary glands will also become engorged (the nipples will get fatter and longer).


Has she suddenly started sending you out in the middle of the night for Kinder eggs & yorkshire pudding?
If so then it's time to trade in your Pokemon cards for a litter tray.

If she starts to wear loose fitting clothing. (or poses for a magazine cover)

A vet can tell you, and if she's been pregnant for a couple months, you really should take her to a vet.  Beyond that, you can feel for kittens and check her mammary glands to see if they're engorged.  If she only has one kitten, you might not feel it, especially if you don't know what you're feeling for, and her mammary glands might not be engorged yet, which is why it's best to consult with a vet.

You should also have your cat spayed.  It will prevent litters, and she'll live longer on average and be less likely to get out of the house lookin' for a hot, steamy night on the town.  You can potentially have her spayed now which will abort the fetuses if she is pregnant.  Rehoming kittens is a nightmare, and there are always loads of them at shelters.  And caring for them until they can leave their mother is a real chore especially once they're somewhat mobile.  Plus there's the issue of delivery and making sure the mama cat is fine and doesn't have a rotting, dead kitten lodged in her uterus/vagina and then there are potential kitten health problems and on and on and on...  It runs into a fair amount of money if you want to be responsible.


7 years ago

The gestation period for cats is a little more than two months, if she is pregnant, you can likely feel the kittens by gently pressing her abdomen with your fingertips.
If it has been longer than 10 weeks since she got out without further encounters, most likely, she is not pregnant.

It keeps throwing up in the morning and asks for pickles in ice cream.