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How do I tell if my neighbors are connected to my water meter? Answered

I live in a three apartment unit and there are two water meters. My landlord insists that my other two neighbors are connected and pays for their water. As a single unit with one meter, he can stick me with the bill. However, I have been having some exceptionally high water bills in my current apartment and I suspect that one of my neighbors might be connected to my water supply. Is there any way I can tell, short of calling a plumber and having the water turned off?


All you have to do is tell your water company - afaik they are obliged by law to investigate.

Don't use any water for a month and see what the bill says.

Turn your water off fir a month and see how you get on with no water. Really some people just dont have a clue.

Wait until they leave the house and see if the meter is different from when they were in the house. Also check and make sure you don't have a leak

Turn everything off in your home and check the GALLONS on your water meter. Come back several hours later and see if the GALLONS USED has changed.

 Tie them to a chair and touture them


8 years ago

Turn of all the taps, the washing the machine etc. And check the meterto see if its still turning<br /><br />It should look like this:<br />http://www.savewatersavemoney.co.uk/control/image/large/save-water-water-meter-1.jpg <br />

either that or your bill sky rockets LOL

I had to check for a leak this way, and found a serious leak outside of my apartment building. The water company man came out and had us to turn off all our sinks and such, then he watched the dial. If it still turns... something is wrong! We got them to reverse the charges for the leak this way.

Get together with your other neighbors. Ask them if they would mind to have a test done on there water to make sure the landlord isn't shorting them or sticking you with the bill. If they think it could be a problem with it. you need get together and have your local water authority come out and make the landlord either correct the problem by adding another meter or take the other meter out and make the water included. If neither don't work find a new place to live the landlords a slumlord.

You might try asking your neighbour to flush a toilet while you watch the meter. (At my place, there's a little piece of plastic in the water meter which spins when the water flows.)

Talk to the city water department . They should come out and turn off your water and see if the other tenants scream. I would do it early in the morning when the others might be showering. It's a nice sound in the morning when you're right! Good luck.

Or: See if there's a cut-off valve just downstream from your meter which will let you turn off your water supply (there should be), and again see whether they complain. But do check carefully for dripping faucets, leaking toilet valves, etc. It's surprising how many gallons one drop per second can add up to.

yeah, a sink dripping 1 drop a secon is 27 gallons of hot water (xD) down the drain (xD) a day.