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How do I tell my best mate i love them? Answered

I'm only 10 but i think i'm in love. I'm too shy to tell the special guy. Plus he's going out with my other best friend! How do I do it without affecting the relationship i have as friends between the boy and my best mate?



9 years ago

It may not be a good idea to tell him you love him if he is going out with someone else, especially if it is your best friend. If you care for both of them you should respect their relationship.

Hey ChrysN I am the person who wrote that up there by the way lol. Thanks for your advice. I might take it, but I will probably wait to see other answers. It was a good answer with the respect thing and all. <3

I agree, there is a somewhat unmentioned rule about these things. Especially when it come to friends. Most people tend to form the most solid relationships after the age of 16, so my advice, is to keep being the best friend you can, to both of them. Look at it this was, if things were the other way round, and your best friend might split up you and your boyfriend, what would you want her to do?

at 10... that's a little young! but then again... see what happens in the relationship...