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How do I throw anything far and fast? Answered

I am building an artillery, and I need any method of propulsion, may it be electronic or mechanical. Only don't make it too complex as this may be my first (or second) instructable. Please post any answer.



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Explosive gas?

Explosive vapour?

Explosive liquid?


Explosive solid?

Air pressure?

Swinging arm?



Spinning wheels (tennis ball launcher)?

kiteman they said anything

Would you launch explosive gas with explosive gas?

It can also be a real blast, I would go with a trebuchet no big bang but if you build a big enough one and it can toss a car.

You posted a nice comment, but some of them can be cancelled-

1) My parents don't allow anything explosive.

2) As for bungee, Swinging arm and bow, they have to be manually loaded.

Air pressure, Spring and spinning wheels might work.

Have you heard of Punkin Chunkin? Its a annual contest in which competitors try to launch pumpkins as far as possible, and air cannons always seem to do the best. You could make a basic air cannon out of a big tube, connect that to a valve that opens very quickly, and have a final tube that contains your object. If the object is not cylindrical or round, you can cut a piece of Styrofoam to the right diameter, cut it in half, and hollow out the Styrofoam in the shape of your object. An air cannon could be powered by taking a bike pump, drilling into the back piece of the cannon, and putting the tube of the bike pump there. If you do this, you will need to seal the gap. Also, the valve needs to open quick, so try to get something electronic... Perhaps a valve used in sprinkler systems? Hope this helps.

trebuchet or an air cannon. air cannons can be made simple enough with an air reservoir, valve and barrel. it won't be the most efficient but it's very simple

I had tried to make one but a valve burst and hit me hard on the hand, also I don't want to go through the same experience again.

Accidently pressed post twice. Cannot delete.

Trebuchet You will find a lot of references on line.

Ballista is another option

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Yes, I had considered that, but, I had designed an auto loading system and I don't want to not to use it in my very first instructable. Well as for trebuchets and ballistae, they are almost practically impossible to be made auto loading, anyway my system will not work on that