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How do I transfer a drawing to an acrylic painting using an inkjet image? Answered


If you simply want to transfer a cartoon or outline to bare gessoed canvas or a sheet of paper, try this:

1. Print your inkjet image as a mirror image (You can print parts of your drawing on separate sheets and join these with sticky tape.)
2, Trace over the inkjet image using charcoal or a 9B graphite pencil
3. Make sure your paper or canvas is firmly supported everywhere underneath.
4. Place the tracing face down on the painting surface and rub the back thoroughly with the back of a spoon or your fingernails.

You should now have an outline on your canvas or paper for your painting.

rather than printing the inkjet image on paper, print it on fabric or transfer 8 1/2" x 11" sheets from your fabric store.. much stronger and able to handle the manipulation required to adhere the image to the surface.. sounds interesting... !!

Place the print image down on the painting. Rub the back carefully with a cotton ball or rag soaked in acetone, xylene or other, appropriate solvent for the brand of inkjet you are using (test, test, test). Don't let the paper shift or you will get a 'broken' image-taping it down along one edge helps. Peel off the paper carefully before the solvent evaporates completely.