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How do I transfer stuff from one computer to another without a CD-ROM drive and without using a usb drive? Answered

I need to figure out how to put stuff on my HP omnibook900. It does not have Wifi capabilities but a LAN PC card. It does not have a CD-ROM drive but a external drive port. The computer I am getting the files from is an HP Pavilion. I have have tried with a usb flash drive but it needs an update but I need an Internet connection to do that. That is another problem I have.



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Windows XP. File sharing enabled. Set privileges. You can even hook them together with a null serial/lpt/or rj45 cable. Make sure it's null though if you're not using a network. It's easy. Run the wizard on both, they'll see each other in network neighbourhood. Off you go.

you can email it to yourself then download it on the other Computer

I do this al the time using the miracle of INTERNET !
Everyone that has an Hotmail e-mail account also has a SKYDRIVE account...

SKYDRIVE, is some kind of an on-line USB stick that you can access all over the world, you can easily upload files and even set who can read them (Only you, selected hotmail users, or the whole world)

Specs: a total space of 25GB !!!
upload files 50MB max.

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Greetz Kenny

plug both into a network hub. connect from one to the other by logging in and access drives semi-directly using the network share

take out one hard drive and plug it in the other. as a bonus, you'll get an increace in memory space too!

i agree with "keyboardisbroken" i've done that about a million times especially when i was a kid, always worked for me.

USe a null modem cable or a Ethernet crossover cable they are quite easy to make im sure theres a i'ble on them

Are you willing to spend $ on this to solve the problem? If you can, just get a IDE to USB adapter from newegg.com and be on your merry way. Then you can just plug the drive in and it gets registered as a removable / system drive on your PC Or just take some advice from the photo....


You could email it to yourself.


9 years ago

Take the hard drive out?

And we have winner. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get the files over. Though like others have stated more information is really necessary. The patch cable is a good idea as well if your network card is working at all. If its not well Izokay hit on the easiest solution unscrew the old HD, place it in the new computer, move over the files you want, and put it back in the old computer.


9 years ago

If they both have network cards it's easy enough to make a crossover cable. This is a quick way to transfer files without the need for a network hub. All you need to do is cut the casing off the cable somewhere in the middle. Make sure you don't cut any of the conductors yet. After you get that stripped away, cut the orange and green conductors and swap them. Make sure you get the wire with the trace to the one with the opposing color. Then all you need to do is plug each end into a computer and presto. Crossover cable on the fly. For more instructions on how to share files it's important that we know what your operating system is. The instructions vary between Win98, XP, and Linux. Other than that you should probably use some electrical tape on the connection to keep it from shorting out. It is of course much better if you actually buy an RJ45 crimper and some heads to just put a new connector on the end. Just pay close attention to what your doing.


9 years ago

Make a workgroup with file sharing,and then transfer the files that way.That is what I do.

get a usb hd enclosure and put the drive in it, and connect it to the other computer.

If it has a floppy drive, you could download a generic usb driver on another computer, put it on the floppy, update the drivers and use a usb stick. You could also use a cable, such as an ethernet crossover cable, to network the two computers. Also, I wasn't sure from your description, but if you have an extra hard drive lying around, as others have said you could use that.


9 years ago

It seems like the problem is with your flash drive. You could always go buy another drive, or borrow one from a friend. Also, if you have an iPod, you could switch it to disk mode so that you could put your files on it and transfer them. Taking the hard drive out could work, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you really know what you're doing. You could end up accidentally having all of your data wiped.

this is what you have to do you have to connect both your computers together on your network using a network switch then you need to make the c; drive (your hard drive) shareable on your computer that the files are taken off of after that you need to look at the network on the target computer (the one your putting your files on) so go to my network places find the name of the computer and start copying files