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How do I turn a old powered USB 1.1 Hub into a gadget charger? Answered

This one won't power up unless it has a signal from a host, I tried shorting the data pins together and the power pins and the data to power and ground to data but couldn't make it do anything. I don't want to chock it up as another useless gadget, help me make some use of it! Thanks guys&gals!




10 years ago

you need to connect 5 V and earth to the sockets maybe its gonna work if you connect your 5 V to the usb plug that goes to the computer and not to the external power port data pins dont matter


Answer 10 years ago

I crack myself up sometimes, I used my laptop to start the hub and then quickly (with my cat-like reflexes) plugged the B end back into one of the hub ports and it continues to work. The only problem now is that there's not enough current to charge some devices (PS3 Dualshock3 & PS3 Wireless Keypad) but the bluetooth headsets are charging. Something tells me that if there's that little current, the headsets are going to take forever to charge. Any ideas how to draw a little more current?


Answer 10 years ago

the devices will take the current they want at any cost. if its above the current capability of the computer / hub / wires etc they will still take the same current and warm up / overheat / blow up whatever part of the circuit that does not stand the current (unless there is some protection). same goes with every appliance that is connected to its right voltage

so you want to give 5 V to the A sockets in the hub and take the 5 V from place that can stand the current

if the devices are standard usb devices they won't take above 0.5 A each. they often take way less (if you gonna measure - in charging devices it depends on the state of battery. empty battery = max current in the first moments of charging)

non standard devices may take up to about 1 A (rare. most devices even cheap untitled made in china dont do that)

the computer can supply 0.5 A at the usb socket for sure. most desktop computers have the sockets in pairs where each pair is limited together to 1 A - you can take all of the 1 A from 1 socket (dont plug anything into the other). if you overload the ports you may blow a fuse in the mainboard in the computer (not big challenge to replace but still avoid it)

computer power supply in stand by mode (very low power use - way lower than most transformer power blocks) gives 5 V often at 1 - 2 A

7805 component takes 7 - 18 V from any power source and gives out 5 V up to 1 A (if you install it on cooler). you can take input power for it from any power block with eough current / voltage

open the hub. you want to connect 5 V directly to the 5 V line of the output sockets

i guess you can just link it to the 5 V line of the input if you acept limiting to what the computer gives

otherwise disconnect the 5 V line from whatever is inside the hub and connect it to a 5 V source of your own

you can use a 7805 for each socket / 2 sockets to get 0.5 / 1 A on each

the usb socket / plug itself can stand 1 A without issues and i think 2 A too. the lines in the hub board may warm up if current above 1 - 2 A and they are thin. you can reinforce them with parallel wire if you want

today's cheap hubs have everything connected together and just work. you may want to use one of them (go to computer repair center and see ifthey have blown one to give you) and leave your current one for use on the computer (devices like mouse keyboard etc dont need speed above usb 1.1 anyway and take very low current)