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How do I un-clip these wires from this circuit board without damaging the board or wires? Answered

On my most recent project I am working repairing a Magnavox Cassette player and in order to get to the main board I need to unhook these wires. Anyone know how to do it without damaging anything. It looks like a push wire connector. The connector itself doesn't uncouple like on most of the ones I've seen before. I think some how the wires themselves unplug. Maybe some kind of catch release? I suppose I could desolder them. But it seems to me that they should disconnect for regular service. Has anyone come across these clips before?


There was another connector on a different board I could get a better picture. The first thing I tried was a tiny flat head screwdriver and pried behind the clip and the wire came out. But I'm not sure what's going to happen when I want to put them back in.


if there isn't a hole in the bottom or back of the clip to insert a pin/needle for release, you could try inserting a pin/needle into the hole right next to the wire, with the pin/needle that is slightly larger than the wire diameter in order to separate the holding mechanism inside. At least that is what I would try. It's a shot in the dark.