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How do I "unbrick" the Electronic Brick shield? Answered

I'm trying to connect external sensors (in the picture below - 2 tilt switches), to an Electronic brick shield like this (see picture):
  • I extend 2 buckled plugs from the shield with male-to-male headers.
  • As far as I can understand from their cookbook - white supplies gnd, red gives +5v, and black is the signal - so I take the gnd and +5v from *one* of these cables and connect them to the breadboard's -/+ busses. Black goes to the switch (and to gnd via a pul-up resistor).
  • The second switch takes +5v from its plug's red line (could also take it from the bus - but it looks neater this way), The other side of the switch goes to the black line (yellow jumper).
This setup simply turns off the Arduino (short-circuit?). Pulling out the buckled plugs turns it on again.
This tilt switch setup is pretty simple (I've tested it without the Electronic brick shield - sending the inputs from them to LEDs - and it works fine).

I've also tried "unbricking" the LCD brick itself (That's what I'm really after) by sticking jumpers into the holes in the bus cable (according to what I've gathered from the Electronic Brick cookbook), and I couldn't get it to show anything or turn on the backlight.

Is there some voodoo I'm missing here?




Best Answer 8 years ago

The answer was easy: from the Quick plug terminal 3 wire picture in the documentation - I got the impression that signal was black and ground was white (felt unorthodox, but what do I know? I'm a noob). From what's written on the PBC, it's the other way around.

Now it works like a charm (see photo), and I no longer feel trapped in a walled garden. Expect a new game soon :)


8 years ago

yeah, sounds like a short circuit. Check all your wiring.


Answer 8 years ago

In a sense, you were right. When a switch got connected (pretty much random when tilt-switches are concerned), it wasn't sending +5v to the pin. It was "sending" +5v to the ground (ouch).


Answer 8 years ago

> yeah, sounds like a short circuit
That's what I thought

> Check all your wiring.
The thing about Electronic Bricks is that it has less wiring to check than the reference implementation (which works fine - only it has no LCD).
My theory is that the shield transforms the whole board into some other "playground" (different voltage? polarity?).
Feels like a walled garden's "either you're with us or against us" attitude. That's why I used the term "unbrick" :)