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How do I upload videos to my instructables? Answered

I dont know how to upload pictures to my instructables and my dad, and mom dont know how,and they wont help me!!



Best Answer 9 years ago

Go into the Instructable an edit
You can load video files in exactly the same way as image files (and the same applies to any other files)
For embedding use the "Video" button and paste the hyperlink in there, click again.



For still pictures, click the "you" link at the top of the page, then look to the left of the page for the "image library" link.

Follow the instructions there, and you'll be fine.

For videos, get yourself a YouTube (or similar) account, and upload your video there (they have the instructions on their websites, they're nice and clear.

You can then embed the video here, by clicking the "video" or "add video" tab (depending on where you are embedding the video).