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How do I use a Sceptre X22WG as a TV? Answered

I have a Dish Network Dual 625 receiver with s-video, RGB and coax connections on the back.  I have a Sceptre X22WG LCD monitor with HDMI, DVI and VGA connections on the back.  

What do I need to do in order to get the receiver hooked up to the LCD monitor?



http://i.testfreaks.com/images/products/600x400/10/dish-network-dvr-625.1072138.jpg shows that it doesn't have rgb or component, just composite s-video, and coax (rf). You either have to get an converter from composite to vga, s-video to vga, or an rf modulator which does the same. There is no cheap or easy solution,. Every converter I found cost as much as a new monitor/cheaper smaller lcd tv.

A small converter box from RGB to one of those inputs should be available and cheap. (VGA *is* an RGB input, but handles synch differently. It shouldn't be too hard to separate synch out and route it appropriately; probably possible with relatively simple analog electronics, though I'm out of practice enough at analog that I wouldn't want to attempt it myself.) Websearch might even find a circuit diagram.