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How do I use an animated gif or looping video for my instructable's cover image? Answered

I'd love it if I could use an animated gif for the cover image of my instructable... I can indeed upload an animated gif but it does not retain the animation.


IMO, I hope this functionality never gets added. It's one of those things that on occasion is used effectively and tastefully but in the vast majority of cases is a tacky eyesore.

You can add them directly to the body of your Instructables with the source editor, if you're a Pro member.

Being a designer I can see your point.. though it would just be incredibly useful/cool for so many instructables if used properly (adafruit.com is a wonderful example of well used gifs). Perhaps if it was only available to pro members?

I agree that they can be done tastefully but it just seems too easy to abuse in a relatively uncontrolled environment like Instructables. I look at Youtube, which only has still cover images, and how trashy and click-baity those have become. I can't even imagine what it would look like with gifs.

When half of the posts here can't even manage a good still cover image, allowing people seizure inducing video billboards just seems a recipe for disaster, Pro or or not.

I would like the ability to add animated gifs to the main deck of pictures in lieu of putting them in the text body or using an embedded video for real short clips.

There are technical limitations too. gifs can really balloon in size quick which would harm the experience when trying to browse the site (especially on mobile) as it tries to load a ton of gifs at once. As well they would have to integrate the functionality into the apps. Possible I'm sure but I'm personally not convinced of the value.

You can add animated gifs as one of the usual pictures, it just doesn't move until you click on it.