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How do I use drum triggers on my computer without a drum module and how would I set them up? Answered

I've been pretty focused on finding information on how to do this, but it's hard to come by. I don't feel like buying an expensive drum module but I still want to use drum triggers on my computer. I'm not sure how to connect the triggers to my computer in a way that they would function, and I'm having a hard time finding a program that would let me produce drum sounds or other samples in real time.


I can`t find any MegaDrum trigger on sale...

Won`t my focusrite midi audiop interface do the job?? To convert the signals from pad to MIDI ? Do I need a drum trigger for this for sure? Thanks

Thanks, obviously I need an interface which converts the signals to midi. I think it is a midi interface....but that should be much cheaper than a module......Also I use a focusrite midi audio interface......I guess it `ll do that job, or?

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with Focusrite products. The flow is approximately like this:
drum pad -> drum module (or MegaDrum) -> MIDI cable -> USB -> PC -> DAW application -> VST plugin -> ASIO drivers -> audio interface -> headphones.

Had I known this earlier, I'd probably go with MegaDrum. Right now I have two drum modules covering a larger drum set and it works fine.
The TD-11 module can also be used as an audio interface, which helps a lot with the latency!


1 year ago

From my experience so far, this does not seem viable at the moment. You still need some sort of "brain" that will translate the electrical signal into MIDI information.

The most practical thing I found so far would be MegaDrum (http://www.megadrum.info/). Or a 2nd-hand module that has a MIDI out.

Well it`s a bit not clear. My question is almost the same from a different angle. So ....can I use the PC as a drum module by assembling the cables from the pads to a mixer and connect that into the audio interface(external soundcard) and then plug it in the laptop?

As I would not use drum module for anything else than assembling the pads signal and then put it in the EZ drummer I thought I can skip the sdrum module simple by plug the pads line in and trigger them in a drum software.

My problem is that I don`t know if it`s gonna sound lthis way if I hit the pads. Basically using the e-drum as a midi controller. It should be fine I just don`t know if the midi signals needs the drum module to be a sound or I can replace it with a software and a mixer.


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On a Mac , Garageband has a musical typing option which maps keys on your keyboard to piano keys - these change to drumsounds if you change the software instrument to a drumkit. Then you'd have to hack an old keyboard to fire using piezos. Don't know if you'd ever get touch-sensitive tho.

I forgot to mention that you could use a cheap keyboard that has USB connectivity for about $ 70.00 you can get a very decent one that will have built in drum sounds but since it's also able to connect to the computer, it will be a MIDI controller as well, with it you could trigger drum software and use Audacity to record and export to MP3. Check Steven Slate Drums, those drums work with drum pads or a keyboard, or even just the computer keyboard, for about $ 150. i'm sure you can find free drum software but you get what you pay for, free may equal low quality sounds.

view my instructable:-


view my instructable:-


view my instructable:-


flexi :

this siddiq , India,
i have a very cheaper and working method :

1)use the software flexi music orchestra - a very user friendly software to play wav. files etc. on the keyboard
2)download yamaha / ronald / alesis drum samples over the net or from torrents ...they are very quality one and ull have no complaint
3)load all these sample to the key u want for EACH drum/cymbal ...which is pretty lengthy and save it ..
4)then comes the hardware ...use and old PC keyboard -ic ...or if u get confused with the ic pins j...just keep it attached to the plastic sheets which are below the keys ...and the pass out a pin ter . rhe conductor holes ..which is again a time taking job ..but cheap and working
5)now on other ends of the wire ..anttach a piezo...which is the cheapest drum trigger ..of if u r keyboard does not get enouhgh gain on tapping ...the attach 2 /3 in series and keep one above another ,,....and place it beneath the mouse pad (to experiment ) ..the strike u r mouse pad to play ....

was it helpfull ?????/////////////////////////
don't forget to tell me how was it .....


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I am interested in doing something similar. using a Simmons Piezo Drum Trigger,
or something to the like.
I want to use the drum triggers to access my own bank of sounds and use my macbook as the brain, controlling the sounds of the triggers.

what interface on the computer can I to do that with? how do I do that?
I am new to using a Vdrum type of thing.
but I do have and enjoy the Roland SPD-S. but i think i can only get one trigger
and one midi in and out. midi is another thing i am novice with.

I have a Tascam and a Mbox for hardware now. using pro-tool with a mac.

thanks for your help.

 Without a midi controller there is really not an easy way to connect your triggers to your computer, first you need a midi controller such as the Alesis I/O:
Look it up in Amazon  (it retails at $ 159 which is pretty cheap for how great it is)

Then you will need a midi to usb cable so you can then connect the midi controller to the computer.  A lot of people use triggered drums with the Alesis I/O and EZ Drummer (Toontrack software) check YouTube for Alesis I/O+EZ Drummer and you'll see how great it sounds. yes buying both will cost you around 300 but it's totally worth it and still cheaper than a cheap acoustic set (new of course) and if you already have it, check my instructable to convert it to electronic.

 Well, this may seem like too much work but cheap is what you want then you will have to do some work.... check this out:


it may help.

thanks for that info, I just wanted to be sure there was no easy way out, because I certainly would have taken it. Since I'm by no means serious about drumming, I think I'll forget about the whole trigger thing. I am still looking into other diy interface devices that are cheaper though.

If your computer or soundcard has midi inputs, (for instance, a Creative you can use a midi program like Cakewalk, Sonic, Cubase, etc. to use the pads to trigger the general midi drums via midi channel 10, I believe.

I just goog image searched the midi inputs and then looked, I don't have any, but I see there are 6 free usb ports. Would I be able to use a midi to usb adapter? If so, I see it would get pretty expensive to buy enough of those to make a digital drumset. If there were a way to wire the triggers together and use them through a usb adaptor that would be a convenient solution, but I don't know if that's possible. I appreciate that you answered my question (to an extent), if you could help me anymore that would be awesome. Thanks.

Well, I guess, although I can't source a usb to midi adapter.

If I understand your last reply, you don't have any sort of controller for the triggers? That presents a problem I don't think I can help you with.