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How do I use static flocking on non-metallic miniatures? Answered

For a tabletop project, I would like to add flocking to some of my bigger, furred miniatures (think giant minotaurs or the like). For this, I would like to buy a flock applicator, but I would like to know what sort of technique I should use before I start. The problem that I am seeing, however, is not having enough control on which direction the flock should go and applying them selectively on the model rather than all over and creating a kind of gradient.

There's a few ways I could see this working; I buy a static flock applicator and I fix my miniature to hover above an electrostatic surface and I apply the flock from the directions that I would like the fur to go unto surfaces of glue.

Another way that I could see this working is if I apply some kind of conductive layer to the miniature underneath the glue, allowing me to make the miniature itself electrostatic, without having to apply all of the fur of the entire model in one go. I'd hate to leave needle pricks through my model.

Does anyone have any suggestions...?


Assuming it's close to Powder coating, I would just Give the Model a Static charge like what you were thinking. Control the Airflow and Nozzle size for what level of "Fluffyness" your looking for.

Hopefully the Model will hold a static charge on it's own ! Only one way to find out for sure :P **Test it with some glitter or other Fine dust before you go for the Final project**

And material you can stick to the surface would make capturing any detail kinda sketchy! Try looking up how the coat plastic buttons in metal on YouTube! it's complex but that's the only way to conserve the Fine Detail. (If you need it)

Thank you for your advice. I do not believe that it is quite as close to powdercoating, but I can give it a try.

Can you explain what video on youtube you are refering to, because I cannot find it myself.

If your gluing the areas you want it to stick there is no need for the applicator or electrostatic surface. Apply glue to the areas you want and sprinkle the flocking over the figure.

That gives a very messy look, I'm afraid. The fur ends up looking more like moss. By using an applicator, I hope to be able to better contro exactly which direction the fur is facing in the end result.

Have you ever tried polysterene and orange oil?
Not sure if your project allows for it but:
Polystyrene dissolves in orange oil, leaving a glue like substance that becomes clear when drying.
If you apply this sticky mess onto a surface and use an old towel you can dip in into the surface and pull extremely fine fibres up.
They keep grwoing until the "glue" is gone or the surface or the stuff dries out, whichever happens first.
As the fibres are extremely fine they always look white though.
But you can trim them, shave them or curl/melt them with heat.
Might be worth playing around with as an alternative?