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How do I use this music synthesizer? Answered

I downloaded this music synthesizer called Triangle II. I have no idea how the heck I use it. Can anyone help me?


Twist knobs, press buttons, and slide sliders.

I read the user manual and it didnt help me at all. seandogue is probably right- i bet it is somesort of add-on. i did download it from cakewalk

Look up the users manual and read it.

Although I could be wrong, it sorta looks like it's an add-on for Cakewalk software.

Cyberpagerman and Orksecurity have the same advise I'd give otherwise, which are gentle versions of the old compugeek advise... RTFM

Agreed. Which probably means I ought to check it out, since I have Sonar installed.

basic synth is $50 as far as I can tell. funny since the first link implies it's a free download.

Google "Triangle II synthesizer."  On the http://www.kvraudio.com/get/203.html download site I noted "Complete User Manual included" as Orksecurity predicted. 

Have you tried looking for a user's manual as part of the download, or on whatever site you downloaded it from? (Not one I'm familiar with.)