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How do I use two mouses: one with primary button on left and the other with primary on right? Answered

I want to set up a second mouse with the primary button on the right. while keeping the primary button on the first mouse on the left.When I change it in windows (using Win 7) it changed the primary button on both mouses.I want each mouse with separate primary buttons.Does anyone know any program on how to do this?



I don't think you can do this in software. I'd suggest dissecting one of the mice and rewiring its button switches.


8 years ago

Thank you orksecurity, it looks like that's what I'm going to have to do.

I did find software to use two mouses for Mac, they said they are working on a Vista version. Hopefully this program isn't dead. http://www.dualosx.com/

There are at least two programs out there that allow a computer to have multiple pointers, but it doesn't allow changing the mouse primary button on one mouse. http://www.wunderworks.com/teamplayer/  Microsoft also had a program.

I am not very good at building programs from scratch. I wish someone would make something that you could change all of the properties of your mouse, like i have a three button mouse without a scroll wheel and want to use the third button.

Just off the top of my head, I don't know of any way to get windows to apply different settings to different mice.

Unless you use two totally different brands of mice.  That way there would be two different drivers running and two different sets of settings.

There may be a mouse driver that allows two different mouse setups.

much to my dismay, I think you're right.

I think you're right. I had a bookkeeper a few years ago who switched back and forth between right hand and left hand settings. She used the left hand when inputting with the number pad and switched back to the right hand for regular use.
The only way I found was to change the mouse settings each time, but it was only a couple of mouse clicks to make the change

If the one mouse is a generic USB mouse and the other is a more expensive unit that allows the mouse to be reconfigured using a proprietary driver set, yes, I believe so.

For instance, I have a USB wired mouse connected along with my Logitech wireless mouse. The Logitech's Setpoint software allows me to reconfigure the buttons on the logitech mouse in pretty much any way I choose, separately from the Windows "Mouse" behavior via control panel., so I could do that if I wanted.

Erm...strike that...I just checked the setpoint software, and even there left and right pick buttons are fixed in their operation, even if all the other buttons are configurable.