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How do I vote for a particular 'ible for a contest ? Answered

I have seen some incredible 'ibles and would like to vote for my favorites that have entered into one or more contests - BUT, I cannot locate HOW to place and record my vote !  Please help - I am positive it is something VERY easy, and yet somehow I missed it (THAT is easy, too ! hahaha)  Please help, as some of these authors REALLY deserve the recognition,not to mention the prestige and the PRIZES that come from winning one of Instructables.com 's contests !



8 years ago

The contest has to be in it's voting phase. Once the entry deadline for the contest closes, the VOTE button appears. They sometimes do a private message to all to say that the contest is in its voting phase and go vote. The voting and judging are then done to determine the finalists before the final judging is done. And then the wait to announce the winners.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks ! I looked everywhere for an answer to this question, but never saw an answer - your reply was FAST !