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How do I wire a 5v regulator? Answered

I am just hooking up a wireless weather station and it uses 4 AA batteries to power it. (it's a 3v supply to the unit) I want to use a solar panel I have to power it. It's a very small solar panel with a 15-16v output and really low current so that is not an issue. Anyways, I want to use a 5v regulator to charge rechargeable batteries in the transmitter, but I've seen capacitors used in the wiring and what is that about? Also, it's 3 pins, and the middle is ground, but how do you wire it and do you even need it? Thanks



8 years ago

As redesign posts: Think of it as having 4 pins -- in +- and out +-. The 2 negative leads are tied together (ground). The 2 + pins are in and out. (check the diagram to see which is which). The capacitors filter the incoming and outgoing power to make sure its extra smooth. You may or may not need them. If you are burning down from 16V to 5V you want a good heatsink on that regulator, as it's burning off 2x as much power as heat than it is putting out electricity.