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How do I wire a 6 volt gell cell to power 2 photo flashes? Answered

I have used a 6 volt gell cell to power a 6 volt powered camera flash before. No big deal. I also have a couple Quantum Battery 1 (6 volt output) units that can power two 6 volt powered flashes at the same time. I'd like to rig a gell cell with higher capacity than my Quantums to mirror that 2 flash capacity. I'm unsure of how this should be wired. I plan to mount this within an electrical project box. I appreciate any and all advice & suggestions. Thanks!


Sorry, but I have no idea what you're trying to describe to me. I imagine this is my short coming, but I'm unable to understand your short hand communication. I do thank you for the attempt.

you need to get a charging circuit.

Battery----switch----charger----photoflash_caps(in parallel)


@@@@@@@@ \-charger----photoflash_cap

(ignore the @ symbol...it's a space filler)